AHRA Research

Historically, architectural humanities research has been substantially under-resourced relative to other humanities and social science disciplines. AHRA is campaigning for better support for researchers in this area from the major institutional bodies and funding organisations.

Successful initiatives undertaken so far include improved representation with two of the key institutional sources of research funding in the UK:

  • Research Assessment Exercise 2008
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council

AHRA is also looking to pursue further opportunities to advance the cause of humanities research in architecture. This includes lobbying institutional funding bodies for better representation; encouraging the exploration of new and emerging areas such as research-by-design; supporting young researchers and doctoral research students and increasing the breadth and depth of research activity across the discipline. If you have an idea regarding research policy that could benefit from the coordinated support of AHRA, please contact one of the coordinators or a member of AHRA Steering Group by following the 'contact' link above.