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Visualising Boolean Set Operations:  Real and Virtual Boundaries in Contemporary Site-Specific Art

Eugenia Fratzeskou

The latest forms of site-specific and digital art have emerged from artists’ interest in new relationships between physical and virtual spaces, as inspired by the contemporary interdisciplinary understanding of space as an uncontrollably changing informational substance. Such developments necessitate new spatial research strategies for advancing site-specific art. The present study develops pioneering methodologies for enabling that advancement. The existing modes of digital visualisation, site-specificity, virtual and mixed realities in art, design and science are radically challenged, as the built boundaries of architecture ‘unfold’ to reveal a paradoxical hybrid space in a site-specific virtual environment. The digital boundaries of architecture are revealed to be highly inconsistent, undermining the solidity and continuity of built space and our perception of it. Such irregularity exposes the inherent abstraction and inconsistencies that occur in the interchanges between the binary, numerical and graphic levels of digital visualisation systems. This book is particularly useful to artists, architects and professionals who engage with digital visualisation and the related fields.


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