Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology

The winter 2013 issue of Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology is now available on line at:
http://www.arch.ksu.edu/seamon/70%2013%20wint%2024%201.pdf <http://www.arch.ksu.edu/seamon/70%2013%20wint%2024%201.pdf>

One aim of EAP is to present student research and writing, and this issue includes essays by Philosophy doctoral student Matthew Bower and Architecture masters student Thomas Owen. Bower considers traditional bathhouses and bathhouse rituals as they relate to sociability and “the porosity of flesh.” Owen contributes to a continuing EAP discussion on “architectural phenomenology” (see the fall 2012 issue) by considering how design might move beyond visual images and contribute to a more multivalent environmental experience.
This issue also includes two book reviews and two essays. EAP Editor David Seamon discusses influential American architect Christopher Alexander’s recent Battle for the Life and Beauty of the Earth, which tells the story of designing and building the 36-building, 10-million-dollar Eishin campus in suburban Tokyo. Philosopher Ingrid Leman Stefanovic reviews The Language of School Design, a primer using Alexander’s “pattern language” to think through the lived relationship between architecture and learning.
Back issues of EAP, 1990-present, are now available at: http://www.krex.k-state.edu/dspace/handle/2097/1522 <http://www.krex.k-state.edu/dspace/handle/2097/1522> .
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