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Interstices: Journal of Architecture & Related Arts CFP

Interstices: Journal of Architecture & Related Arst: Issue 21 Fixing

Wellington, New Zealand

March 31 2021

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Maintenance and care might be imagined to be conservative practices, aiming at stasis or keeping something going in the same track. Yet this underestimates the dynamic nature of fixing. To repair or sustain something is to become intimately entangled in processes of decay, aging, entropy; but also, with growth, complexity and otherness, with fallow states, and with regeneration. To develop a fixation with something is to be turned implacably away from oneself. Rather than fixing in place, this issue of Interstices asks how we fix things together across and through places.

Donna Haraway contrasts poiēsis as “the activity in which a person brings something into being that did not exist before” — with sympoiēsis, a co-creation, a “making things together”. Designing space is necessarily sympoiētic, emerging from a complex collusion of the human and other-than-human. Accordingly, we are interested in shifting our view from individualised moments of creativity to bring into frame how space might be co-authored, negotiated through performances of maintenance and care. What are the spatial possibilities of this continuing dialogue between architecture and other domains? What is the agency of things beyond us? How might divergent scales—the scale of a virus say—jolt us to consider space differently?

We welcome contributions from architecture and art practice, philosophy, theory, ethnography, and geography, that speculate on questions of Fixing.  The intention is to capture a wide spectrum of disciplinary approaches and voices that chart the unanticipated directions and productive suturing of domains considering fixing, maintenance and care. Contributors are invited to submit papers, theoretical and critical reflections, and documentation of experimental creative works.

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CALL FOR ABSTRACT / ‘Facing Post-Socialist Urban Heritage’

Budapest, Hungary

March 31 2021 - March 31 2021

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‘Facing Post-Socialist Urban Heritage’

abstract submission deadline – 31 March 2021

Conference: 8-9 October 2021, Budapest, Hungarydoctoral/postdoctoral conference in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and planning
organizer: urb/bme
The DOCONF2021 is the 4th international doctoral / postdoctoral conference in architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, and planning organized by the Department of Urban Planning and Design, Faculty of Architecture, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME).
The DOCONF series provides a comparative overview of current doctoral research in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning focusing on the urban challenges related to the physical – built and natural – environment of the post-socialist cities in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and post-soviet Asia. Those invited include doctoral students or post-doctoral researchers (with a PhD/DLA degree earned after the 1st of January 2016) – specializing in architecture, urban design, urban planning, or landscape architecture.  
For more information visit the DOCONF series website!

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Robert Maxwell Lecture

Kenneth Frampton: Reflections on the predicament of architecture - seven points in retrospect

University of Liverpool School of Architecture

March 23 2021

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The Liverpool School of Architecture is pleased to announce a new lecture series entitled to its alumnus Robert ‘Bob’ Maxwell (1922-2020). Maxwell, who graduated in Architecture and then took his diploma in Civic Design at the University of Liverpool in 1949, taught at the Bartlett, the AA and was Dean at Princeton University. The inaugural lecture will be delivered by Kenneth Frampton, Emeritus Professor at Columbia University - Reflections on the predicament of Architecture: seven points in retrospect (22nd April at 6PM BST).

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International Symposium Rethinking Architectural Heritage in Contemporary Urbanism in Asian Contexts

Virtual Symposium co-organised by University of Sheffield and University of Huddersfield

February 01 2021

Virtual Symposium, Monday 1 February 2021, 9-5pm (UK)

Co-organized by Dr Yun Gao, Dr Xiang Ren, Prof. Adrian Pitts, and Dr Jan Woudstra

The University of Sheffield School of Architecture and Department of Landscape Architecture and the University of Huddersfield Department of Architecture and 3D Design, UK

Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 686 5655 9005          

Passcode: 480779






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New ACSF Research Grant Program

Lindsay Jones Memorial Research Fund

February 01 2021

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The Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum is pleased to announce a new grant program to support research on the meaning and significance of the built environment. The 2021 grant cycle will open on February 1st and submissions accepted until April 1st. We encourage applicants and proposals from a range of built environment disciplines (e.g., architecture, landscape architecture, sacred arts, urbanism, interior design, environmental psychology, material culture, phenomenology, etc.). Project proposals should identify one of the four principal areas of the fund: scholarly research, practice, service, or teaching. Successful applications might propose projects in a range of venues and media including, but not limited to, scholarly writing, film or other broadcast media, built works or projects, community engagement programs, or educational innovation.

For full information, visit 





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Virtual Symposium

September 26 2020

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The Five College Virtual Architecture Symposium Exactitude (October 2 and 3, 2020) brings together academics and practitioners to engage in critical conversations about contemporary architecture. Distancing itself from the often repeated themes of the past 20 years – sustainability, performance, formal innovation – the symposium pursues a longer narrative arc, one that places architecture back in its creative position through engagement with a theme evoked by Italo Calvino in his Six Memos to the New Millennium: Exactitude via the first symposium (2020). By opening up the field and asking questions that are mindful of the ongoing dilemmas in architecture today, the symposium is an invitation to re-engage a discipline adrift between technophobia and technophilia, confronted with escalating demands for precision, production and consumption, and mired in issues of agency and authorship while simultaneously mandated to meet countless ethical and aesthetic needs. The structure of the symposia – made up of a constellation of voices including those of theorists, historians, editors, architects and writers – reflects a genuine desire to spark dialogue and exchange.


Convened by: Pari Riahi, Michael Davis, and Laure Katsaros


Speakers: Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano with Thomas de Monchaux, Alejandro Zaera-Polo, Alicia Imperiale, Antoine Picon, Christopher Benfey, Cynthia Davidson, Eric Höweler, Francesca Hughes, Mark Wigley, Sunil Bald, and Teresa Stoppani.


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