Research Journals

This is an alphabetical listing of journals that publish written and design work relevant to research in Architectural Humanities. It is offered as a resource to help researchers find opportunities for publication. We welcome additional suggestions, updated information or corrections (particularly to weblinks) to help keep this listing up-to-date. We would like this list to be thorough and inclusive and we apologise in advance for any errors and omissions.

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The Journal of Material Culture

Language: English

ISSN: 1359-1835

The Journal of Planning Education and Research

Language: English

ISSN: 0739-456X

The London Journal

Language: English

ISSN: 0305-8034


Language: Lanugage: English

ISSN: 1091-711x

Topos: International Review of Landscape and Urban Design

Language: German; English

ISSN: 0942-752X

Town Planning Review

Language: English

ISSN: 0041-0020

Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review

Language: English

ISSN: 1050-2092

Transactions of the Newcomen Society

Language: English

ISSN: 0372-0187

Trialog: Zeitschrift für das Planen und Bauen in der Dritten Welt

Language: German

ISSN: 0724-6234

Urban Affairs Review

Language: English

ISSN: 1078-0874

Urban Design International

Language: English

ISSN: 1357-5317

Urban Studies

Language: English

ISSN: 0042-0980

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