Research Journals

when was the first texas chainsaw massacre movie made This is an alphabetical listing of journals that publish written and design work relevant to research in Architectural Humanities. It is offered as a resource to help researchers find opportunities for publication. We welcome additional suggestions, updated information or corrections (particularly to weblinks) to help keep this listing up-to-date. We would like this list to be thorough and inclusive and we apologise in advance for any errors and omissions.

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Architectural Theory Review

Language: English

ISSN: 1326-4826

Architecture Canada

Language: English; French

ISSN: 1486-0872


Language: english

ISSN: ISSN 2050-9006

Archivo Español de Arte

Language: Spanish

ISSN: 0004-0428

ARQ (Architectural Research Quarterly)

Language: English

ISSN: 1359-1355


Language: Design and Communication in Higher Education

ISSN: English

Art History

Language: English

ISSN: 0000000

Arts and Humanities in Higher Education

Language: English

ISSN: 1474-0222

Bollettino d’Arte

Language: Italian

ISSN: 0391-9854

Burlington Magazine

Language: English

ISSN: 0007-6287


Language: Italian

ISSN: 0008-7181

Chora: Intervals in the Philosophy of Architecture

Language: English

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