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Name Institution or Organisation Job Title Country Research Interests AHRA Membership
Dr Franca Trubiano University of Pennsylvania United States architectural theory, construction technology, environment design AHRA Member
Dr Ching-pin Tseng National Sun Yat-sen University, Taiwan/ PhD. The Assistant Professor/ Architectural Designer Taiwan Ching-Pin Tseng is an architectural designer, a curator for art exhibitions and a full-time assistant professor at Shu-Te … AHRA Member
Ms Eirini Tsianaka RMJM Architects Architect United Kingdom Eirini is an architect and interested in the full spectrum of the arts, not merely in architecture. She … AHRA Member
Dr Johannis Tsoumas Technological Educational Institute of Athens Greece 1. The aesthetic, technological, semiotic and cultural status of modern or / and earlier industrial or handicraft objects … AHRA Member
Ms Gonca Tuncbilek METU Turkey Pavilion Design, Exhibition Space, Exposition, Representation, Expo AHRA Member
Ms Neyran Turan Rice University United States AHRA Member
David Turnbull University of Bath P-t Professor United Kingdom Theory and Design; Digital Technology AHRA Member
Dr Jeffrey John Turnbull University of Melbourne Senior Fellow Australia Architecture of Walter Burley Griffin & Marion Mahony Griffin AHRA Member
Kelly S. Turner University of California, Santa Barbara PhD Candidate United States Critical spatiality; geographies of sexualities; gender studies; colonial cultural studies AHRA Member
Mr Niek Turner University of Liverpool United Kingdom History and Theory of Mediated Space in Architecture, Cinema and the Arts; AHRA Member
Professor Chris Tweed Cardiff University BRE Trust Research Chair United Kingdom Environmental design; CAD/IT AHRA Member
Dr Renata Tyszczuk University of Sheffield Lecturer United Kingdom Architectural representation; history and philosophy of architecture AHRA Member
Dr Başak Uçar TED University Turkey architectural design theory, computational design, architectural education AHRA Member
Dr Julia Udall The University of Sheffield United Kingdom - Co-production - Agency & participation - Urban Commons - Activist Architecture - Spatial Practice - Social and … AHRA Member
Dr Ola Uduku University of Strathclyde, Glasgow Lecturer United Kingdom Modernism in West Africa; schools; minority communities AHRA Member
PhD UNAV School of Architecture of the University of Navarr Spain Architecture AHRA Member
mclain United States United Kingdom AHRA Member
milissa6f3i United States United Kingdom AHRA Member
Dr Simon Unwin University of Dundee Professor United Kingdom Architectural theory and design; Wales AHRA Member
Debabardhan Upadhyaya University of Sheffield PhD Candidate United Kingdom Urban design; urban models; urban morphology/paradigms; design guides AHRA Member
Mrs ROSA URBANO GUTIERREZ University of LIverpool United Kingdom Sustainable advanced technologies and materials for architecture, architectural envelopes, daylighting, history of technology in architecture, educational use of … AHRA Member
Mr Daniele Vadala' University of Reggio Calabria Italy Contemporary Architecture, Renovation Projects, Participatory Planning AHRA Member
Emanuela Vai PhD Student United Kingdom History of Art, History of Architecture, History of Music AHRA Member
Mrs Dana Vais Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Technical Un Romania Architectural theory 20th C Architecture and Urbanism AHRA Member
Constantine Vakiris John Moores University, Liverpool Lecturer United Kingdom Inner city urban design AHRA Member
Mr Ernesto Valero Thomas The University of Edinburgh Scotland Mobility, Cartography, Sustainability, Photography, Emerging Settlements, Landscape AHRA Member
Dr Wouter Van Acker Griffith University Australia History and Theory of Architecture and Urban Planning Intellectual and Transnational History of Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Architecture Interdisciplinary … AHRA Member
Mr Jens van de Maele Ghent University, Belgium Belgium - Relationship between architecture and politics - State-sponsored architecture - Ideas on urbanism in the 20th century … AHRA Member
Dr Maarten Van Den Driessche Ugent United Kingdom AHRA Member
Dr Deborah van der Plaat The University of Queensland Australia Architectural History 19th century Britain 19th century Queensland Arts & Crafts Theories of the Imagination 19th century Ideas … AHRA Member
Vanessa Vanden Berghe University of East, London PhD Candidate United Kingdom Modernism; Historiography; Britain; Photography; Design; Culture AHRA Member
David Vanderburgh Universite catholique de Louvain Professor Belgium history; theory; representation; mimesis; identity; competition AHRA Member
Sam Vardy University of Sheffield PhD Candidate/Tutor United Kingdom Participation; politics; urbanism; technology; art; philosophy; activism AHRA Member
Mr Sotirios Varsamis university college of london Architect United Kingdom Architecture, Text, Space, Language. AHRA Member
Mr Alvaro Velasco Architectural Association School of Architecture United Kingdom AHRA Member
Dr Susana Ventura Center of Studies of the Faculty of Architecture o Portugal Theory of Architecture, History of Architecture, Aesthetics, Philosophy, Curatorial Studies, Modern and Contemporary Art, Architectural Representation, Critique … AHRA Member
Savvas Verdis London School of Economics Tutor United Kingdom Urban sociology; continental philosophy AHRA Member
Mr Sushant Verma Architectural Association School of Architecture, United Kingdom Emergent Technologies, Digital Techniques and Tools in Architecture, Digital Fabrication, Parametric Design, Futuristic Architectural Systems, Sustainable Architecture, Inter-disciplinary … AHRA Member
Prof Christopher Vernon University of Western Australia Australia Architecture and landscape as collective expressions of identity, be it place or nation. AHRA Member
David Vila Domini Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Lecturer United Kingdom Architectural History; Identity AHRA Member
Mr David Antonio Vila Domini Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built United Kingdom Research through Practice History & Theory of the Quattrocento; Alberti Etc. AHRA Member
Mr Adalberto Vilela Institute for the History and Theory of Architectu Brazil Prefabrication, Production processes, Industrialised Architecture. AHRA Member
Prof ANA LÍDIA VIRTUDES DEP. CIVIL ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE - UNIVERSI Portugal urban design town planning history of the city AHRA Member
Mr Goran Vodicka University of Sheffield United Kingdom everyday public space, transitional settlements, ‘post-conflict’ environments, transnational urban outdoors, collaborative ethnography, critical pedagogy, psychogeography, urban practices... … AHRA Member
Mrs Caroline Voet Arenberg Doctoral School, KULeuven and Sint-Lucas Belgium architectural philosophy, design methodology, architectural phenomenology AHRA Member
Ms Nina Vollenbroker The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL United Kingdom AHRA Member
Miss Alexandra Vougia AA School of Architecture United Kingdom AHRA Member
Mr Goran Vukovic Croatia City-states, political theory, anachronisms, public lettering AHRA Member
Kathy Waghorn Unitec, New Zealand Prog Coord Int. Des. New Zealand Interior design; place; the domestic; on-line computer game spaces AHRA Member
Dr Ian Waites University of Lincoln United Kingdom The artistic representation of English common land c.1700-1850. Place, space and memory in the post-WW2 English Council Estate. … AHRA Member
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