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Name Institution or Organisation Job Title Country Research Interests AHRA Membership
Dr Nabil Mohareb Beirut Arab University Head of Branch Lebanon Spatial Morphology Sustainable tourism AHRA Member
Mr Fadi Shayya The University of Manchester Doctoral Researcher in Architecture Lebanon I am an urbanist and architect based between Beirut, New York, and Manchester. Currently, I am a doctoral … AHRA Member
Dr Vladimir Ladinski University American Collge Skopje, School of ARchi Macedonia Sustainable Design AHRA Member
Dr Mazran Ismail Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia Environmental Design, Housing Design AHRA Member
Mr Mohamed Khalid Liverpool John Moores University Malaysia Swiss Architecture & Design AHRA Member
Dr Roya Shokoohi Taylor's University Malaysia Children walking to school, The relationship between built environment and health outcomes Children autonomous mobility Sustainable transportation Sustainable … AHRA Member
Dr Naziaty Mohd Yaacob University of Malaya Malaysia universal design products: industrial and architecture design; feminism, gender, landscape architecture and architecture; architecture education; AHRA Member
Mrs Zarina Za'bar University Teknologi Malaysia Malaysia Architectural Theory / Spatial Design / Spatial Identity AHRA Member
Miss Ann Dingli University of Malta Malta Architectural History Modernist Architecture Maltese Modern Architecture AHRA Member
Mr Guillaume Dreyfuss Architecture Project Researcher/Heritage consultant Malta heritage preservation; sustainability; urban conservation; stone; theory; art; architecture; identity; space; aesthetics AHRA Member
Colin Micallef St. Michael Foundation Head of ICT Malta Victorian military architecture in Malta AHRA Member
Mr Zaheer Allam Mauritius Sustainability Cultural Identity Philosophy and Architecture Environmental connection Behavioral studies Deconstructivism AHRA Member
Mr joe chan Mauritius Association of Architects Mauritius Architecture AHRA Member
Mrs Fatma Aliosman Delft University of Technology Netherlands Architecture, Theory, Public Space, Social Movements, Spatial Transgression AHRA Member
Miss Jiaxiu CAI Netherlands Netherlands urban design, architecture AHRA Member
Miss Ana Catarino UvA and TUDelft Netherlands Anthropology (with special interest in urban and space anthropology); modern and contemporary architecture; critical and aesthetics theory. … AHRA Member
Dr Sergio M Figueiredo TU Eindhoven Netherlands Architecture Museums and Exhibitions, Architecture Media and Publications, Criticism AHRA Member
Mr Bimo Hernowo Research Institute of History and Art History, Uni Netherlands Architectural History and Urbanism AHRA Member
Dr Tahl Kaminer Delft School of Design, TU delft Netherlands The relation of architecture to society; the relation of architecture to the city; architecture and political economy … AHRA Member
Dr Leslie Kavanaugh Studiokav, Amsterdam Architect Netherlands Philosophy; phenomenology; space/time; theory AHRA Member
Mrs Esin Komez Daglioglu Delft University of Technology Netherlands Postmodern architectural theory, architectural pedagogy, architectural historiography AHRA Member
Miss Azadeh Mashayekhi Delft University of Technology Netherlands My research interest is on the history and theory of modernity, urbanism and urban planning in developing countries. … AHRA Member
Stefano Milani Technical University of Delft Netherlands Drawing; Representation; Analysis; Code; Aesthetic; Communication; Image AHRA Member
Mr Eelco Nagelsmit University of Ghent Netherlands Seventeenth century visual art and architecture in the Low Countries AHRA Member
Mr marc schoonderbeek TU Delft Netherlands AHRA Member
Dr Torsten Schroeder TU Eindhoven Netherlands Architectural design research Research through design Sustainability in architectural design practices AHRA Member
Mrs Harmilyanti Sulistyani VU amsterdam Netherlands History architecture AHRA Member
Mr Hans Teerds Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Archite Netherlands Architecture, Urbanism, City, Landscape, Architectural Theory, Philosophy, Hannah Arendt, Public Realm, Public Domain, Public Space, Private Realm, Private … AHRA Member
Karin Theunissen Technical University of Delft Asst. Professor Netherlands AHRA Member
Mr Anthony Brand University of Auckland New Zealand Architectural Theory Architecture, Technology, and the Body Senses and Perception Phenomenology Skin and technology, extensions of the body … AHRA Member
Dr Rachel Carley Unitec, New Zealand Lecturer New Zealand Rachel Whiteread; history & theory of arch. & interiors; Interdiscplinarity; George Perec AHRA Member
Ms Eva Cheung University of Auckland New Zealand AHRA Member
Shenuka de Sylva School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wel New Zealand Socio-cultural sustainability of post-disaster housing and reconstruction policy in Southeast Asia & the Pacific. AHRA Member
Dr Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul Aut University Assoc. Prof. in Spatial Design New Zealand see http://aut.academia.edu/TinaEngelsSchwarzpaul AHRA Member
Ms Sue Gallagher AUT University New Zealand Spatial Design, Performance, Architecture, Interior, Exhibition Design, Moving image installation. AHRA Member
Ms Sue A Gallagher AUT University New Zealand Sue Gallagher, Architect/Artist, is Head of Postgraduate, School of Art & Design, AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand. … AHRA Member
Dr Julia Gatley University of Auckland New Zealand Modern and postmodern architecture AHRA Member
Susan Hedges Department of Design & Visual Arts Faculty of Crea Lecturer New Zealand The Narrative in the Architectural Detail Architectural Notation and the Body Condition AHRA Member
Miss Fiona Jack University of Auckland New Zealand Art, Architecture, Politics, collaborative practice AHRA Member
Dr Ross Jenner University of Auckland Associate Head New Zealand Lightness; tectonics; modern architecture; contemporary Italian architecture; Renaissance; Baroque AHRA Member
Kate Linzey Wellington & Brisbane PhD candidate New Zealand Architectural Drawing/Representation; History & Theory; Public Art & Monuments; Len Lye. AHRA Member
Mr Tane Moleta Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand Interior Architecture Architectural Drawing Nanotechnology and Architecture Architectural Surface AHRA Member
Ms Jacqueline Naismith College of Creative Arts, Massey University New Zealand social semiotics, built environment and social/ identity formation, design and social change AHRA Member
Julieanna Preston Building ARTS Practice, Wellington, NZ New Zealand Interior design+spatial theory; fine art practices; gender+cultural studies; ornament and decor. AHRA Member
Mr Albert Refiti Auckland University of Technology Academic New Zealand Architectural Theory, Pacific Thought, Visual Practice AHRA Member
Dr Robin Skinner Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand Pacific architecture, New Zealand architecture, postcolonial architecture, representation of colonial architecture, the architecture in the British Empire, British … AHRA Member
Kathy Waghorn Unitec, New Zealand Prog Coord Int. Des. New Zealand Interior design; place; the domestic; on-line computer game spaces AHRA Member
Prof Charles Walker Auckland University of Technology New Zealand Urbanism, interactive/mobile technologies, philosophy of materiality, architecture, social issues, politics of space AHRA Member
Dr Peter Wood Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand Architectural drawing; visual culture; visual literacy; studio pedagogy; post-colonialism AHRA Member
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