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Name Institution or Organisation Job Title Country Research Interests AHRA Membership
Dr Charalampos Politakis ------------- Architecture, Architectural Theory, Contemporary Art, Digital Arts, Digital Media, Media Theories, Film & Digital Video, Fine Art Photography, … AHRA Member
Ms Eliza Hoxha University of Prishtina/Faculty of Architecture, K Albania City and culture, community based planning, arts and public space, debates and/abput the city, women and the city … AHRA Member
Mr krimo bachir Algeria AHRA Member
Mr Yassine Bada department of architecture,university of Biskra ,A Algeria visual perception and space use , architectural design. AHRA Member
Dr Youcef CHENNAOUI EPAU: Polytechnic School Of Architecture and Urban Senior lecturer - Researcher Algeria Preservation of the heritage. History of restauration. History of architecture. cultural landscape Evaluation. AHRA Member
Dr Kahina amal Djiar The Polytechnic School of Arch and Urbanism, Alger Lecturer Algeria Architecture & urban planning; postcolonialism; globalisation; digital design AHRA Member
Dr Daniel Kozak CONICET Argentina Urban theory - Latin American Studies - Urban/Architectural History - Architectural education AHRA Member
Adriana Laura Massidda University of Cambridge Argentina Urban informality, urban history, history of shantytowns and their relationship(s) with government(s) throughout history AHRA Member
Prof Maria Tosello Universidad Nacional del Litoral Argentina Digital graphics Architecture Design Communication Interface Technology AHRA Member
Ms Madeleine Beart Roberts Evaluation Australia Urban planning, urban history, urbanism, relationship of people to their environments, architectural history, social impact assessment,urban theory, architectural … AHRA Member
Prof Andrew Beer University of Adelaide Australia Andrew Beer is a Professor in the Discipline of Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of Adelaide … AHRA Member
Dr Eugenie Keefer Bell University of Canberra Australia History, theory and practice of architecture, design and decorative arts, c.1850-present in Australia, the USA, UK, Europe and … AHRA Member
Ms fiona bennell Bennell and Associates Australia linking art and architecture and spirituality AHRA Member
Dr AnnMarie Brennan University of Melbourne Australia political economy of design, surfaces in architecture, architectural magazines and journals, architectural history and theory, history of industrial … AHRA Member
Bernard Brown University of Melbourne PhD Candidate Australia Architecture Ethics Philosophy Culture Theory Praxis AHRA Member
Dr Peta Carlin RMIT University, University of Melbourne Australia Interdisciplinary research: art, architecture, textile design, philosophy, cinema, literature, photography AHRA Member
Dr Anuradha Chatterjee Australia Australia Theoretical and cultural history of vision, architectural surface, and its design implications Dress, textiles, and architecture Gender and … AHRA Member
Mr Hing-wah Chau The University of Melbourne Australia Contemporary Chinese Architecture AHRA Member
Dr Annette Condello Curtin University Lecturer Australia Architectural history, landscape architecture, Italian and Latin American modernism, film and architecture, urban planning history AHRA Member
Mr Jeff Cooke JKA Australia Architecture, Urban Design & Planning. Sustainable Cities. AHRA Member
James Davidson University of Queensland PhD Candidate Australia Vernacular environments; people-environment studies; arch. history and theory AHRA Member
Dr Catherine De Lorenzo University of New South Wales Senior Lecturer Australia Contemporary Public Art; Interdisciplinary art and design; photographic history; Australian artists/architects AHRA Member
Prof Khoa Do Curtin University Australia Built Environment and Design _Architectural Design _Design Innovation _Visual Communication Design (incl. Graphic Design) _Urban Design Education _Creative … AHRA Member
Ms Charity Edwards Monash University Australia urban politics interiority climate change AHRA Member
Prof Luis Feduchi Australia Australia Architecture and Urban Design AHRA Member
Dr Elizabeth Grant The University of Adelaide Australia People-environment studies, Aboriginal architecture & environments, Aboriginal Housing, Homelessness, Prison & Court Design, Custodial Design to reduce suicide, … AHRA Member
Ms Kelly Greenop School of Architecture, The University of Queensla Australia Indigenous place Contemporary urban place AHRA Member
Mrs Farzane Haghighi The University of Sydney Australia Architectural Theory, Power and Achitecure AHRA Member
Ms Jiawen Han the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Austral Australia Modern architecture in China and Japan Woman and architecture Shrinking cities AHRA Member
Keiko Hirota University of New South Wales Research Assoc. Australia Post-disaster housing; Healthcare; P.O.E.; Air Quality; Sustainability; design methods AHRA Member
Ms Susan Holden University of Queensland Australia post-war architectural history experimental architecture aesthetics concepts of medium in architecture urban paradigms in architecture AHRA Member
Mr Mazdak Irani University of Sydney Australia Architectural History and Theory, Humanities,Housing Typology AHRA Member
Miss Victoria Jackson Wyatt University of Sydney Australia AHRA Member
Dr Michael Jasper University of Canberra, Architecture Australia contemporary thought; composition; practice; theory; AHRA Member
Prof Sandra Kaj-O'Grady University of Sydney Australia Post-1960s Architectural history and theory;the transfer of techniques and ideas between art and architecture in the 1960s and … AHRA Member
Ms Nicole Kalms Monash University Australia Urbanism, Gender, Media, Sexuality, Advertising, Feminism, Consumption. AHRA Member
Mr Peter King Australia Transgressions of and in architectural practice; queer architecture; european landscape architecture; central european architecture from Behrens and Otto … AHRA Member
Mr Byron Kinnaird University of Melbourne Australia -Architecture Education -Architecture Accreditation -Architectural Drawing -Student Architecture -Architecture Student Activism AHRA Member
Ms Sandra Karina Loschke University of Sydney Academic and Architect Australia Sandra's research investigates links between aesthetics, design and technology in museum and exhibition architecture from the 1920s to … AHRA Member
Prof Desley Luscombe University of Technology Sydney Australia Architectural drawings AHRA Member
Dr Harpreet Mand University of Newcastle Australia Asian architecture and Urbanism Feminist and Postcolonial theory Cultural studies Environmental sustainable design AHRA Member
Ms Gill Matthewson University of Queensland Australia Gender and architecture Domesticity Women in the profession AHRA Member
Maggie McCormick University of Melbourne PhD Candidate Australia The Transient City: mapping urban consciousness through contemporary art AHRA Member
Dr Thomas Mical University of South Australia Australia X-Files of Modern Architecture: Surrealism, Transparency, Hauntology AHRA Member
Dr David Moltow University of Tasmania Australia Philosophy of architecture, ethics of architecture, phenomenology of learning space architecture. AHRA Member
Ms Mahroo Moosavi University of Sydney Australia Architectural History and Theory AHRA Member
Dr Ali Mozaffari Perth, Western Australia Lecturer/Researcher Australia Place and its construction Modern Middle Eastern Architecture Nationalism and national identity Museums Heritage Iran Islamic Architecture … AHRA Member
Boonanan Natakun University of Melbourne PhD Candidate Australia Low-cost housing; participatory design; developing countries; cultural change in low-income communities AHRA Member
Ms Lindy Osborne Queensland University of Technology Australia Design Studio Pedagogy Linking Pedagogy + Space AHRA Member
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