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The Steering Group meets approximately twice per year to discuss future activities such as events and collaborative research projects, as well as responding to institutional policy developments. Membership of this group is limited but will be rotated according to demand. If you would like to get involved with planning the future direction of AHRA, or suggesting new initiatives such as conferences or regional events, please contact one of the coordinators or any member of the current Steering Group:

Name Institution or Organisation Job Title Country Research Interests
used echo chainsaw Richard Patterson University of Brighton United Kingdom
chainsaw weight Dr Gerald Adler University of Kent, Canterbury Lecturer United Kingdom Arts & Crafts; garden city; modernism in Germany
texas chainsaw massacre 2 online Dr Gordana Korolija Fontana-Giusti University of Kent, Canterbury Professor United Kingdom Architectural theory; historiography; urban history+ theory; representation; water; theatre
chainsaw chain sharpener reviews Dr Adam Sharr Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University Senior Lecturer United Kingdom Relationships between theory and practice in design; research by design; cultural memory; taste and expertise; the everyday; phenomenology; …
chainsaw oil mixture Suzanne Ewing University of Edinburgh Senior Lecturer United Kingdom Theory-practice relations in Architecture; discourses of studio and field in design; site/work and field/work; innovative collaborative practices; city|speculations; …
chainsaw vest Dr Simon Pepper University of Liverpool Professor United Kingdom Architectural history; military fortifications; UK high-rise; libraries
mossberg 500 zombie chainsaw Dr Peg Rawes The Bartlett - UCL Lecturer United Kingdom Philosophy; embodiment; spatio-temporality; aesthetics; geometric figures
diamond chainsaw grinding wheel Professor Teresa Stoppani Leeds Metropolitan University Professor of Architecture; Head of Architecture and Landscape United Kingdom Architectural Theory; Design & Urban Environment; Spatial Practices; Tafuri; Piranesi; Venice; Representation; Dust.
Professor Murray Fraser University of Westminster Professor of Architecture + Coordinator for Postgraduate Studies and Research United Kingdom Architectural history+theory; design; cultural studies; UK-USA architecture; architecture and globalisation
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