Demystifying Doha: On Architecture and Urbanism in an Emerging City

Ashraf M. Salama and Florian Wiedmann, Qatar University

While focusing on the architectural and planning aspects of Doha's intensive urbanization, this first comprehensive examination of the city sets this within the socio-political and economic context of the wider Arabian Peninsula. It features a comprehensive discussion on contemporary architecture and urbanism of Doha as an emerging regional metropolis and it provides a critical analysis of the evolution of architecture and urbanism as products of the contemporary global condition. The book concludes by suggesting a framework for future studies of the city as well as for investigating the future of similar cities, setting out an agenda for sustainable urban growth, while invigorating the multiple roles urban planners and architects can play in shaping this future.

Contents: Preface; Introduction: globalisation and the emerging city; Overview of architecture and urbanism in the Arabian peninsula; The urban evolution of Doha: from a vernacular settlement to an emerging service hub; Contemporary urbanism in Doha: from decentralised governance to integrated urban development strategies; Contemporary architecture and image-making practices in Doha; Dynamics of population and the urban environment of Doha; The challenges of sustainable urbanism and the future of Doha; Conclusion: introducing an analytical framework for emerging Doha; bibliography; Index.
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Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2013. 

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