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August-September 2015

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New Events

European Architectural History Network / Fourth International Meeting

EAHN 2016 Dublin Meeting Call for Sessions and Round Tables

Dublin, Ireland

June 02 2016

In accordance with its mission statement, the EAHN is organizing a meeting which is intended to increase the visibility of the discipline, foster transnational, interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches to the study of the built environment, and facilitate the exchange of research results in the field. Although the scope of the meeting is European, members of the larger scholarly community are invited to submit proposals related not only to European architecture but also to that of the rest of the world.

The main purpose of the meeting is to map the general state of research in disciplines related to the built environment, to promote discussion of current themes and concerns, and to foster new directions for research in the field. Session proposals are intended to cover different periods in the history of architecture and different approaches to the built environment including landscape and urban history. Parallel sessions will consist of either five papers or four papers and a respondent, with time for dialogue and questions at the end. In addition, a limited number of roundtable debates addressing key issues in the field will also take place at the meeting. Proposals for these should re-map, re-define, or outline the current state of the discipline. They will typically consist of a discussion between panel members and encourage debate with the audience. The goal is to create a forum in which different scholars can present and discuss their ideas, research materials and methodologies.



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Thu 2 June 2016

AIARG 2016 Conference Call for Sessions

Cork Centre for Architectural Education, Cork, Ireland

January 29 2016 - January 30 2016


Call for Sessions:

The All-Ireland Architectural Research Group annual conference  will be hosted by CCAE in Cork in January 2016.  Follow link for details:http://aiarg.webs.com/apps/blog/entries/show/43275465-aiarg-2016-call-for-sessions


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Fri 29 January 2016

Reading Architecture Across the Arts and Humanities

An AHRC-Funded Interdisciplinary Conference

University of Stirling, UK

December 05 2015 - December 05 2015

The organisers of this one-day multidisciplinary conference seek to solicit proposals for 20-minute papers that consider the creation, expression and representation of architecture, architectural space and the built environment from students and scholars working within all subject-areas across the Arts and Humanities. Papers should seek to address the creation, understanding, circulation and cultural impact of both real and imaginary sites of architectural construction throughout time, either in Britain or in other national and international contexts. Original and creative accounts of how architecture might variously be ‘read’ and interpreted across such disciplines as literature, law, history, art history, heritage studies, politics, film and media studies and philosophy are particularly welcome.


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Sat 5 December 2015

This Thing Called Theory

12th International Architectural Humanities Research Association Conference

Leeds Beckett University

November 19 2015 - November 21 2015

This conference proposes Theory as a form of architectural practice which opposes the instrumentalization of its use. It aims to explore the status of Theory in architecture through an examination of instances in current practice, and invites critical reconsiderations of the role of Theory in architecture, its successes and shortcomings. It seeks to trigger discussions, arguments and polemics around this thing called Theory. 


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Thu 19 November 2015

The Future of Museum and Gallery Design

An international conference exploring creative research and practice in museum making

Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)/Hong Kong University (HKU) tbc

November 13 2015 - November 15 2015

Are you involved in the practice of designing or redeveloping museums and galleries? Are you undertaking research into an aspect of museum design or visitor experience? Are you interested in learning from and with others involved in museum design internationally?

The Future of Museum and Gallery Design draws together museum professionals, museum, gallery and exhibition designers and museum design researchers from around the world, to explore new approaches to and future developments in design for the cultural sector. Based in Hong Kong, the event will draw together a critical and international mass of expertise from a range of cultural traditions in order to create a dynamic forum for the sharing of ideas and the development of new skills and knowledge. The event will showcase leading-edge approaches to the design of 21st century museums and galleries, provide a platform for new research and thinking on museum design and offer access to a range of training opportunities.

As well as seeking submissions which explore creative approaches to the design of meaningful and engaging visitor experiences, the conference seeks case studies and research which will expose the potential for design processes and design thinking to make a significant contribution to the strategic development of museums and cultural organisations internationally, challenging conventional approaches to museum and gallery making, providing a forum for debate, and seeking to unleash the potential of design and creativity for the cultural sector.

Our call for proposals is open until 15th June 2015 and registration for The Future of Museum and Gallery Design will begin on 1st June 2015.


Event co-organised by School of Museum Studies University of Leicester, Dept of Architecture University of Nottingham, Central St Martins University of the Arts London.


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Fri 13 November 2015

CFP - Site of Discourse

Thinking architecture through publication

Lisbon, Portugal

September 28 2015 - September 29 2015

The Institute of Art History (FCSH/UNL, Lisbon), in partnership with the Lisbon University Institute (ISCTE, Lisbon), is developing the research project The Site of Discurse focused on editorial culture of architectural periodicals during the 20th century, which is supported by the National Foundation for Science and Technology. In the context of the research pproject the group is organising an International Conference entitled  The Site of Discourse. Thinking architecture through publication that will take place in Lisbon (Portugal), at the end of September 2015. 

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Mon 28 September 2015


Special issue – Volume 3, Issue 2 (Autumn 2016) Call for Contributions. 0 hours: the role and impact of transient teachers in architecture education

September 15 2015 - September 15 2015

Charrette (ISSN 2054-6718), the journal of the Association of Architectural Educators (AAE), first published in 2013, is now firmly established as a leading journal for practitioners and theorists engaged in innovative and significant architectural education and research. For this issue (Autumn 2016), the Guest Editor, Gemma Barton, (Senior Lecturer, College of Art, Design and Media, University of Brighton) invites papers and projects which explore the role, position, impact and relationships of transient teachers in architecture;

- How do you/they contribute?
- What do you/they offer/withdraw from teaching experience?
- How do you/they experience and are experienced by HE, professional bodies, offices
- What influence do you/they have over the schools/departments?
- Does 0 hours = 0 power?
- Do you/they feel a sense of belonging?
- Fractional contracts: How much time is enough time, efficiency vs commitment
- Is the transition into FT employment supported?
- Is the hiring process fair and easy to navigate?

With a focus on teaching-practitioners, practicising-teachers this issue will delve into the world of VL, HPL, zero hours, adjunct, PTE, FTE, fixed-term, temporary, supplier and many more. Whether identifying as ‘academics’ or otherwise, a healthy proportion of architecture educators operate within this itinerant structure yet as a topic it is under-investigated and under-represented in academic research. As such this call for papers hopes to receive submissions from the full spectrum of architecture educators internationally and encourages submissions from students, graduates, representatives, early career academics and those with part-time/flexible agreements with universities that unearth data, patterns, emotions, experiences, dreams and realities.

We welcome submissions that;

- look at the effects on the potential for research activity that these
roles create or inhibit within the architectural education framework
- present and analyse individual, departmental, institutional, organisational, geographical patterns of data
- present quantitative data on ‘non-full-time’ academics
- examine the relationships between teaching practitioners, institutions, practice, students, full time academics
- demonstrate the ‘products’ of teaching practitioners
- document the lives, hinter-lives and profiles of transient tutors
- set out histories and futures of this itinerant group of architectural educators.
- consider the impact on student learning experience of ‘non-full-time’

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Tue 15 September 2015

Architecture and Resilience on a Human Scale: Disruptive Workshops

Call for Disruptive Workshops

Sheffield School of Architecture

September 10 2015

Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA) are hosting an international conference on Architecture and Resilience on a Human Scale.

Resilience of ecology, society, cities and infrastructure is the subject of many research projects and debates. In contrast, a research focus on the resilience of the built environment at a neighbourhood scale has barely begun, yet it is at this scale that change is most tangible to us.

A lot of work has been done on mitigation but less so on adaptation and resilience to future shocks such as extreme weather events, food shortages, blackouts, influx of environmental refuges and many other challenges.

On Friday 11 September we are looking to include in the programme six 90 minute Disruptive Workshops. By ‘disruptive’ we mean ideas that bring challenging new perspectives on how to achieve resilience on a human scale. These can come from other disciplines or from other ways of making places. They can address issues of governance, new uses of technology, new ways of designing, building, learning and teaching, new economic systems, new ways of understanding the past and the future, or, indeed new ways of just understanding. The potential for disruptive thinking on architecture and resilience is wide open restricted only by the bounds of human creativity.

The format is also open - it is likely that there will be approximately 20 people attending each workshop and that the workshop proposers would open up the discussion with a 30 minute disruptive paper/event. This can be done by a group of disruptors working together. The format of the workshop is to be determined by the proposers.


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Thu 10 September 2015

Architecture and Resilience on a Human Scale 2015

The University of Sheffield

September 10 2015

This conference focuses on research, strategies and projects that are testing how we can build local resilience in preparation for major societal challenges, such as global warming, scarcity of resources, increase in extreme weather events and shifts in demographics. It will focus on how the emergence of collaborative economies, new technologies, and new forms of governance play out at neighbourhood level, and what contribution architects and architecture are making to shaping this changing context.

Whilst we are based in a school of architecture, we are keen to hear from many disciplines and practitioners including those in architecture, urban design, planning, landscape and ecology, geography, social sciences and other fields related to spatial studies. We welcome all those interested in neighbourhood research and projects on climate change mitigation and adaptation, co-working methodologies and designing with communities, case studies of neighbourhoods projects that contribute to growing local resilience and ‘Architecture 3.0,’ concerning questions of agency and empowerment.


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Thu 10 September 2015


The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London

September 15 2015

This one-day symposium accompanies the Fox Reading Room exhibition Everything is Architecture: Bau Magazine from the 60s and 70s. With reference to Bau and Viennese convergences of architecture, art and politics during the 1960s and 70s, contributing speakers will more broadly examine the role of the magazine in the development of critical and theoretical architectural discourse through experimental and playful approaches to editorial strategy and document layout.

Organised by Dr. Ruth Blacksell from the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading and Dr. Stephen Walker from Sheffield School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield.

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Tue 15 September 2015

Post  Professional  Architecture  &  Planning: Call for Chapters

August 24 2015

Globalization   and   Neo-­‐liberalization   of   the   political   economy   in   different   nations   has   transformed   the   organization   of   labour   power,   instruments   of   production   and   their   relations   in   recent   decades.   The   industrial  institutionalization  of  the  state  as  modern,  centralised,  socialized  and  with  a  national  identity  is  being   replaced  by  the  post-­‐modern,  glocal  (global+local),  multi-­‐national  and  privatized  state.  

Chapters are intived for this   book, which aims   to   be   an   essential   reference   source,   building   on   previous   literature   in   the   field   of   contemporary  theory  of  architecture.  This  book  will  provide  the  resources  necessary  for  education  in   contemporary  architecture  and  urban  politics,  local  administration  and  research  practice.    The  book   will  develop  a  political  and  critical  perspective  on  contemporary  practices  of  architecture  and  urban  design,  their  implementation,  legal  background,  political  effects  and  social  results.

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Mon 24 August 2015

Aquarius Redux

Rethinking Architecture’s Counterculture

University of Sydney

August 04 2015


Aquarius Redux: Rethinking Architecture’s Counterculture


University of Sydney

Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning


4th - 5th July 2016


Aquarius Redux seeks to revisit, reconsider, reimagine and expand histories of countercultural architecture.

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Tue 4 August 2015

Architecture is Pedagogy: Call for Contributions

June 22 2015 - August 31 2015

Do you have an account of an architectural project or experience that exemplifies, questions or suggests alternatives for what the pedagogy of architecture might be?

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Mon 22 June 2015

New Publications

Transgression: Towards an expanded field of architecture

Louis Rice, David Littlefield

Transgression means to 'cross over': borders, disciplines, practices, professions, and legislation. This book explores how the transgression of boundaries produces new forms of architecture, education, built environments, and praxis.

Based on material from the 10th International Conference of the AHRA, this volume presents contributions from academics, practicing architects and artists/activists from around the world to provide perspectives on emerging and transgressive architecture. Divided into four key themes – boundaries, violations, place and art practice - it explores global processes, transformative praxis and emerging trends in architectural production, examining alternative and radical ways of practicing architecture and reimagining the profession.

The wide range of international contributors are drawn from subject areas such as architecture, cultural geography, urban studies, sociology, fine art, film-making, photography, and environmentalism, and feature examples from regions such as the United States, Europe and Asia.

At the forefront of exploring inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary research and practice,Transgression will be key reading for students, researchers and professionals with an interest in the changing nature of architectural and spatial disciplines.

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Mon 8 December 2014

New Courses

MA Architectural History, The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, London

Course web site

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Wed 9 January 2013

MA in Architectural Design

School of Architecture, University of Sheffield

Course web site

web site thumbnail available soon

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Wed 9 January 2013

MA in Urban Design

School of Architecture, The University of Sheffield

Course web site

web site thumbnail available soon

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Wed 9 January 2013

MA Spatial Practices: Art, Architecture, and Performance

University College for the Creative Arts

Course web site

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Thu 24 December 2009

MSc in Architectural History and Theory, University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA), ECA, University of Edinburgh

Course web site

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Thu 14 May 2015

MSc Urban Studies

University College London

Course web site

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Thu 24 December 2009