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Events took place before 2009:

AHRA: Network in Precarity


July 01 2021

There is widespread recognition that researchers in the architectural humanities face entrenched and continually deteriorating working conditions on casualised contracts – whether those are defined as temporary, fixed-term, fractional (whether teaching only or otherwise), hourly, or zero-hour. This results in poor pay, lack of security, loss of employment benefits, and marginalisation in the work-place for architectural humanities researchers – affecting their livelihoods and well-being. These poor basic working conditions are compounded by structural discrimination and exploitation, and experiences of harassment and bullying. 

There has been little or no research conducted as to the composition, experiences, needs, or desires of the community of architectural humanities researchers in the UK or internationally. Nor are there any means for architectural humanities researchers to act collectively, with reference to a transparent and acknowledged set of principles and standards for employment. Establishing a Network in Precarity is a first step toward redressing these concerns. The Network is for all researchers and educators in architectural humanities who identify themselves as working in precarious or casualised conditions. 

The Network is intended to provide a forum for its members to share and discuss their working conditions, the problems and issues they face, and any demands they would like addressed – whether that be in terms of working conditions, pay, security, support for and recognition of research activities, affective and psychological labour (and damage), social and personal impacts or other. The first project of Network in Precarity would be to gather data (quantitative and qualitative) that would allow members of the network to identify demographic, geographic, and institutional patterns of precarity and casualisation. 

Ultimately, the ambition would be to formulate concrete proposals and demands by, for, and on behalf of precarious workers in the architectural humanities research community.

If you would like to join and contribute to the Network, please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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AHRA climate statement

December 02 2019

climate statement

In light of the global ecological crisis, the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) is declaring a climate emergency.  As an international architectural research association, we acknowledge and support the various declarations on climate change that are starting to emerge, and we will endeavour to foreground environmental and social justice in our activities and approaches.

Architecture and urbanism are critical to the history of the planetary environmental crisis, yet also to the earth's possible futures. Responses to the crisis are needed from different aspects of the discipline, including those from practice and from schools of architecture, as we have seen.

The architectural research community is crucial to these struggles, and the AHRA is committed to supporting and promoting critical, inter-disciplinary, experimental research that seeks to understand past architectures and propose ways to act beyond the technical, employing ecological thinking towards new politics and relations. We engage with architectural humanities that open to the non-human, with the planet and other species.

December 2019

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Call for Expressions of Interest to Host the AHRA Research Student Symposium 2019. 2020, 2021

November 08 2017 - January 01 2018

The AHRA Steering Group is keen to receive Expressions of Interest to host the AHRA

Research Student Symposium, an annual event that usually takes place in Spring.

If you wish to apply, please respond to the following: 

1.      Name of your institution and contact person:

2.      Your proposed dates in Spring of 2019, 2020 and/or 2021:

3.      Name of an invited speaker (ideally the invited speaker should speak about Research Practice or Methods) and how this speech will help forward the intentions of the symposium):


4.      Proposed venue(s):

5.      Confirmation of IT support on the day:

6.      Confirmation that the symposium will be free of charge to delegates:


Notes to consider:

a)      This is our Research Student symposium not our International Conference (our International conference is held in November each year.) The Research Student Symposium is for the presentation of work by scholars in the early phase of their research careers, i.e., those undertaking postgraduate Masters and PhD research.

b)      Since AHRA is a non-profit making organisation we are unable to contribute money toward the organisation of the symposium.

c)      AHRA Steering Group and Advisory Board members are happy to help with reviewing abstracts.

d)      We are particularly interested in receiving calls from schools which have not hosted the event before.


Expressions of interest should be sent to the chair of the Architectural Humanities Research Association Conferences/ Symposia Working Group, Dr Juliet Odgers: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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AHRA PhD Student Symposium

University of Sheffield School of Architecture (SSoA)

April 07 2016

Event web site

web site thumbnail available soon

The 2016 AHRA PhD Student Symposium will be hosted by the University of Sheffield School of Architecture, with presentations from current graduate students in the architectural humanities. The symposium will be free to attend, but registration is required via this Eventbrite site:


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