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Athens, Greece

July 14 2020

Submission of proposals for papers from architects, socialanthropologists, archaeologists, architectural historians, urban planners, humangeographers, art theorists and historians and other relevant theorists until September 30,2020. Acceptance of papers will be decided until late October 2020.Languages: English, Greek.

Proposals, including name plus title and abstract of paper of up to 300 words can be sent

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Letter to ministers of education (C-19)

June 17 2020

Letter written to all six Ministers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from officers of 48 professional associations representing diverse research fields to express  profound concern about the future of higher education in the UK. COVID-19 has simultaneously highlighted the huge importance of university research to tackling the virus and its social and economic implications as well as the unsustainability of the current funding model for tertiary education.

Read full letter and signatories from the link.

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Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum 12th Symposium

Practice Toward a Future

Fallingwater, Pennsylvania, United States of America

May 27 2020 - May 31 2020

Event web site

web site thumbnail available soon

The Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum invites participation in its Twelfth Annual Symposium. ACSF 12 will take place in FALLINGWATER (Southwestern Pennsylvania), Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous work, and arguably his finest house. A destination for architects, landscape architects, historians, designers, and artists, as well as the general public, Fallingwater offers a perfect context where to meditate, sense, share, discuss, and even plan new ways of thinking and acting that ultimately define practices to a more constructive and hopeful future.

As in previous symposia, ACSF 12 is structured around a main topic (in this case "Practices Toward a Future") but also open to ideas, works, and proposals relevant to the Forum's areas of interest. Given the attraction of Fallingwater, we will top the number of attendees to a number that secures an atmosphere conducive to personal connections and in-depth dialogue. Optional meditation will be offered each morning and there will free time for connecting to oneself, the surrounding woods, and, of course, Fallingwater. Keynote speakers are Frank Lloyd Wright/sacred space scholar Anat Geva, filmmaker Brent Green, and architectural theoretician David Leatherbarrow. Part of the symposium activities will include a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s nearby house Kentuck Knob.


Interested individuals are invited to submit proposals for either the SYMPOSIUM THEME or an OPEN TOPIC. Proposals may be submitted in one of four categories: panel, project, paper, and workshop. There are different requirements for each type of submissions. Proposals will be blind peer-reviewed by at least three ACSF scholars/professionals. The deadline is February 1st, 2020.

For more details and information, visit: or email ACSF12 symposium co-chairs at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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AHRA climate statement

December 02 2019

climate statement

In light of the global ecological crisis, the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA) is declaring a climate emergency.  As an international architectural research association, we acknowledge and support the various declarations on climate change that are starting to emerge, and we will endeavour to foreground environmental and social justice in our activities and approaches.

Architecture and urbanism are critical to the history of the planetary environmental crisis, yet also to the earth's possible futures. Responses to the crisis are needed from different aspects of the discipline, including those from practice and from schools of architecture, as we have seen.

The architectural research community is crucial to these struggles, and the AHRA is committed to supporting and promoting critical, inter-disciplinary, experimental research that seeks to understand past architectures and propose ways to act beyond the technical, employing ecological thinking towards new politics and relations. We engage with architectural humanities that open to the non-human, with the planet and other species.

December 2019

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Les intérieurs aujourd’hui/ Interiors today

Méthodes de production et d’analyse interdisciplinaires/Interdisciplinarymethods of productionand analysis


October 11 2019 - October 12 2019

Event web site

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Interior spaces have often lent themselves to the experimentations of different professionals (architects, interior designers, decorators, ensembliers, designers, artists, etc). By themselves or in collaboration and in frequent interaction with the client, these creators work at the frontiers of several disciplines: architecture, visual arts, design, decoration, etc. These practices testify certain kinds of permeability that take the form of dialogues, transfers, and contaminations, and that aim to produce effects in terms of spaces, uses, perceptions, and emotions. 

Adopting synergetic, critical, contemporary and experimental perspectives, we will question the notion of interior, specifically its versatility, its ambiguity, and its wealth, with regard to its modalities of production, appropriation and perception: from the scale of the body to that of the metropolis (from the object to the space, from domestic spaces to shared spaces of activity, consumption, or entertainment), measured in terms of ecological challenges (the production environments), modern and contemporary practices and uses (lifestyle, services, transportation, mobility) or with regard to new kinds of spatiality (new spaces of sociability, tools and practices of digital spaces). By going beyond the divisions, categorizations, and traditional oppositions (between the outside and the inside, the private and the public, the individual and the collective, etc.), we will reflect and redefine the interior in its relation to environments, territories, and uses, to perceive its historical and synchronical relevance and to grasp its conceptual operationality for the process of the project. What makes an interior? How is it conceived? How is it read, interpreted? How is it lived and felt?

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IDEA Journal 2020 call for Expression of Interest

Interior Technicity: Unplugged and/ or Switched On

September 17 2019 - October 01 2019

Event web site

web site thumbnail available soon

Dear Researchers, Students and Professionals,
Though interest in the forthcoming issue of IDEA Journal has been healthy, we are extending the deadline for EOIs to 1 October.

See the IDEA website for details:

Wh?ia te iti kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe, me he maunga teitei

Dr Julieanna Preston
Chief Editor IDEA Journal

Professor of Spatial Practice / Coordinator Master of Fine Arts
Toi Rauwharangi/ College of Creative Arts
Te Kunenga ki P?rehuroa/ Massey University
Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara/ Wellington, Aotearoa/ New Zealand

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) / +642 1842616 / Skype buildingartpractice /<>

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