The Colin Rowe Lecture Series: Richard Pare

Royal Institute of British Architects, London

November 08 2016

In an informal setting and in dialogue with experienced and imaginative guests, The Colin Rowe Lectures aim to discuss the role of the image in architecture, particularly the crucial role of architectural photography. The occasions will allow invited experts and emerging scholars/practitioners to share their thoughts.

The inaugural lecturer will be the acclaimed photographer and scholar Richard Pare. Born in England in 1948, Pare studied photography and graphic design before moving to the United States in 1971 where he studied photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since then he has been working as a curator and a photographer. He was the founding curator for the photography collection of the Canadian Centre for Architecture from its inception in 1974. He continues to write and lecture on the history of photography. His current project is a study of the architecture of Le Corbusier. His exhibitions and publications include Court House: A Photographic Document (1978) Photography and Architecture: 1839-1939 (1982), Tadao Ando. The Colours of Light, (1996, AIA monograph award), and The Lost Vanguard, Architecture of the Russian Avantgarde (2007).