The Colin Rowe Lecture on architecture and photography

Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD

May 30 2017

In an informal setting and in dialogue with experienced and imaginative guests, The Colin Rowe Lectures aim to discuss the role of the image in architecture, particularly the crucial role of architectural photography. Following the success of Richard Pare’s inaugural lecture in November 2016, the panel has selected from the ‘emerging scholars / practitioners’ entries two apparently diverging proposals, both focusing on the role played by people - or their absence - in architectural imagery. In their joint paper two scholars, Angelo Maggi (Venice) and Davide Deriu (London) will talk about the critical role played by people in images - workers, passers-by and staged characters - whilst the photographer and architect Philipp Schaerer (Zurich) will reflect on the way in which technology allows us to supersede reality - what do we perceive when looking at images that do not represent anything ‘real’? Whatever the image is representing, it works in the space of our imagination and that is the territory which the lecture aims to explore.