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Athens, Greece

July 14 2020

Submission of proposals for papers from architects, socialanthropologists, archaeologists, architectural historians, urban planners, humangeographers, art theorists and historians and other relevant theorists until September 30,2020. Acceptance of papers will be decided until late October 2020.Languages: English, Greek.

Proposals, including name plus title and abstract of paper of up to 300 words can be sent to:on.revolution.conference@gmail.com

The international conference 'Space, Art and Architecture between East and West: The Revolutionary Spirit', organized by the Module Art-Architecture-Urban Planning, HellenicOpen University intends to explore the spatial and creative aspects and impacts of the aboveprocesses both diachronically and in the present. More particularly, the following relevantdimensions will be pursued globally:

  • Competing cultures: ‘East’-‘West’ dialogues, rationalities, spatialities, perceptions,artistic and architectural creativity, old and new colonialisms, clashes and upheavals.
  • Processes of exchange during the beginning of modernity, starting from the 16thcentury.
  • What and where was the Renaissance in regard to appropriations andinterpretations of Byzantium and the East.
  • Edward Said’s Orientalism and cultures of travel: The present narratives.
  • Eastern art and architecture as Western history of art and architecture.
  • Post-war cultural dynamism of the USA as the new ‘Western’ frontier of art and arthistory.

Our initial intention was for this conference to be held in the Acropolis Museum, Athens,18-20 March, 2021, following in the footsteps of our two previous conferences held therein 2017 and 2019. However, please note that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, we arealso preparing alternative plans for the materialization of the conference either viaphysical presence, or as a webinar, or as a combination of the two.

The Organizing Committee:Professor Argyro Loukaki, Hellenic Open UniversityProfessor Dimitris Plantzos, National and Kapodistrian University of AthensDr. Dionysis Mourelatos, Hellenic Open UniversityDr. Stavros Alifragkis, Hellenic Open UniversityDr. Kostas Soueref, Ministry of CultureDr. Jenny Albani, Ministry of Culture.

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