RA, Revista de Arquitectura 24: Replicas— Architecture as copy or invention

Call for Articles

February 15 2022 - February 15 2022

The history of the copy is as old as the history ofarchitecture itself While Pliny the Elder considered the origin of painting to be the desire to reproduce the outline of a shadow, and Vitruvius did the same for sculpture when he described the Corinthian order as life emerging from death, the model as copy of the natural highlights the synthesis of the two disciplines as the boundary between any creative act and mimesis. An appropriate example is Roman architecture conceived as an aide-memoire of the Greek model, with signs distinguishing between originals and replicas recognized only in the details of words and their formal variations.

The guest editor and the scientific committee call for contributions by 15 February 2022 (see editorial guidelines) in English or Spanish, from architects and researchers, as well as art historians, restorers and artists. Some possible topics are listed below by way of example.

The speculative and critical nature of the proposals will be valued. Invention and copy in processes of creation / The copy as pedagogy, learning techniques / The architect's studio, from Andrea Verrocchio to Peter Zumthor / The architect as collector: Piranesi, Soane, Nash/ Portable architecture for museums/ Workshops of teaching masters and monumental undertakings / Displacement policies, exchanges, networks/ Circulation in print media/ The paradox of the monumental ephemeral/ Pars pro toto vs totum pro parte I The detail/ Artistic literature, from Giorgio Vasari to Rainer Maria Rilke/ Body, nature and replica: life as simulacrum/ Readymade, or the disappearance of the aura/ The concept of originality/ Postmodernity and deconstructivism: difference and repetition/ Constrictions, architecture and literature: the case ofOuliPo / The avantgarde pushes back, the discredit of the copy/ The destruction of a legacy, lost collections/ The ethics and aesthetics of preservation/ Time as footprint / Mould and countermould / Phenomenologies: the difficult relationship between image and skin, tuche et techne / Artistic practices and curatorial strategies/ Historical re-enactment as a cultural event/ New technologies of reproduction / Monument restoration: architecture and prosthetics

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