Professional Practices in the Built Environment (Conference)


April 27 2017 - April 28 2017

The nature and value of professional judgment and knowledge is increasingly being called into question as new technologies give access to new ways of working. This conference provides an opportunity for practitioners and academics to come together to understand and learn from different models of professionalism across Architecture and the Built Environment, over time and across the globe. The conference is part of the AHRC funded Evidencing and Communicating the Value of Architects project.

Admission is free but booking is required via the conference website.


Nature of the professions

What is the future of professional practices in the built environment? | Hans Haenlein

Teaching tomorrow's architects: How relevant are current models of professional education to the world of global architectural practice? | Stephen Brookhouse

An Historical Episode in the Future of Professional Practice | Neal Shasore

Architects with borders - developing a sharing economy | Nikki Linsell

The Rebirth and Theory of Civic Architecture | Patrick Lynch

Challenges in the business models of architectural firms | Marina Bos-de Vos, Leentje Volker, Hans Wamelink

Making space, adding value: locating and defining the 'creative space' of spatial production | Elantha Evans

A complex Adaptive Profession | Robert Hyde

Conditions for collaboration

Portfolio Professionals in the digitised Built Environment | Alex MacLaren, Tom Bartley, Dwight Wilson, Neil Thompson, Sarah Birchall

The good client: How architect-client dynamics mediate attention for users | Valerie Van der Linden, Hua Dong, Ann Heylighen

Constructive Collaboration: Solutions for Delivering Collaborative Success in Practice | Andrew Wright

Towards a professional map for specifying and actively measuring behaviours for collaboration | Elizabeth Kavanagh Re-imagining the Future of Cities Using Urban Foresight Techniques: Towards a Smart and Sustainable Reading 2050 | Tim Dixon, Lorraine Farrelly, Richard Webb, Nigel Horton-Baker

Joint venture teams | Sunila Lobo and Roger Flanagan

Reviving collaboration: The case of housing-led regeneration | Elanor Warwick

Navigating between network and profession: how architects pursue desired roles | Marina Bos-De Vos and Bente Lieftink

Knowledge sharing and development

Knowledge and architectural practice | Johan Verbeke

Methodological Dynamics: Theory-Fiction and Speculative Design Research | Derek Hales

Transitioning the Live Project: A Proto-Practice Environment | Michael Davies & Aaron Paterson

A collaborative approach to POE | Kristina Roszynski and Trevor Keeling

Designing with care: Hospice design since 1980 | Jane Darbyshire, Mura Mullan, Soo Darcy, Peter Holgate, Julie Trueman

Developing wellbeing valuation practices in the built environment | Kelly Watson

Procurement routes and building performance | Julie Godefroy

The client, organization and the project - Architects' valuation of energy modelling adoption across four UK firms | Sonja Oliveira, Martin Sexton, Elena Marco and Bill Gething

What are the benefits for small practices in developing independent critical research? | Dinah Bornat

Design System Assemblages - the continuous curation of Design Computation Processes in Architectural Practice | Frans Magnusson, Jonas Runberger

The reluctant supply chain | Irena Bauman

The City of Time: site, shell, services, scenery, and stuff and then what? | Andrew Harrison, Stephen Greenberg, Steven Smith