Journal of Biourbanism - Call for Paper

Biophilia and Biophilic Design

November 30 2016 - July 15 2017


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JBU Editorial Guidelines:

From a Biourbanistic point of  view, biophilic architecture is characterized by the following elements:
(i)  the naturalistic dimension; (ii)  the Wholeness of the site, that is, “the basic structure of the place”; and (iii) the “geometric coherency”.
The pre-mentioned features are the grounding corpus  of the Biophilic Design, defined as that design, which learns the “laws” deriving from the sciences of life and actuates the same laws in terms of strategies, technological progress and through a space-syntax  structured on “patterns” so that  it is able to (i) design inclusive environment for everybody, (ii) reflect the inborn affinity between human being and nature, (iii) support our neuro-physiological, psychological and biological system and (iv) respect and strengthen the “genetic code” of the place.