International Symposium Rethinking Architectural Heritage in Contemporary Urbanism in Asian Contexts

Virtual Symposium co-organised by University of Sheffield and University of Huddersfield

February 01 2021

Virtual Symposium, Monday 1 February 2021, 9-5pm (UK)

Co-organized by Dr Yun Gao, Dr Xiang Ren, Prof. Adrian Pitts, and Dr Jan Woudstra

The University of Sheffield School of Architecture and Department of Landscape Architecture and the University of Huddersfield Department of Architecture and 3D Design, UK

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This symposium is to critically analyse the architectural and built heritage in contemporary urbanism in Asian contexts. The aims are two folds. Firstly, it examines how Asian cities have taken shape with a set of divergent concepts that inherited from the ancient and indigenous thoughts in the regions. It will challenge Eurocentric historical models of modernist built heritage with respect to the vernacular architecture and historical human settlements in Asian contexts, by re-thinking the architectural and landscape vocabularies of built heritage within longer timeframes and wider geographical realms. Secondly, by applying a holistic approach, drawing on strengths across the disciplines such as architectural design, landscape, environmental design, anthropology, humanistic and social sciences developed in Asian Cities, this symposium aims to examine how those architectural heritages in different cities address different development challenges such as improving global public health, enhancing resilience to natural and man-made disasters, and dealing with displaced populations, and rapid urbanisation.


9:00-9:15 Welcome from co-organizers 


An Architectural Loss after Two Terms of Saigon Architecture - Ho Chi Minh City  

Nguyen Hanh Nguyen


British Hill Stations in Malaya: The Forgotten Legacy

Siti Farrah Zaini and Zuraini Md Ali


Glorious Past: an Area of “Concern” or “Negligence”?

The case of Khatungonj, Chattogram, Bangladesh

Humayra Alam

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Indian Vastu Heritage

Harshil Pethani, Xiang Ren and Jan Woudstra


Social Sustainability of Rural Construction in Southwest China

Li Wan, Xiaoxue Liu, Xinan Chi, Edward Ng, Yun Gao, and Adrian Pitts

12:15-12:45 Panel Discussion

12:45-13:30 Lunch break ------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Digitectonic: Digital Transformation of Space

Edward Yang 


Rethinking Architecture in China      

Gregory Bracken


Learning from Chengdu - Mapping the living heritage of social space in China

Jim Njoo and Liang Zhang

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Impacts of Climate Design Optimisation Techniques on Rural Housing Design for SW China 

Adrian Pitts, Yun Gao, Li Wan, Xinan Chi


Transformation of Water Bodies as Ways of Opening up Human Inhabitant in Nature - Water bodies in place making of Kunming city, Southwest China

Yun Gao, Adrian Pitts 

16:15-16:45 Panel Discussion

16:45-17:00 Closing remarks



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