Call for Papers: Divergence in Architectural Research

Ph.D. Symposium

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

June 19 2019 - September 07 2019


We would like to bring your attention to a research event taking place next March at the School of Architecture of Georgia Institute of Technology. We’d love your help in spreading the word, and are pleased to extend an invitation to all Ph.D. student fellows and researchers allied with the Canadian Center for Architecture.

The Ph.D. Symposium: Divergence in Architectural Research, will take place on the campus of Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, on March 5-6, 2020. The symposium, organized by the ConCave Ph.D. Program of the School of Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology, seeks to create a platform for sharing current research in architecture with invited scholars and other doctoral students, in architecture and allied fields. By divergence, we mean the multiple paths, epistemological frameworks and interrelationships that are active today across the spectrum of architectural research. We hope to bring attention to this state of agency that exists and the emergent future directions this portends.

The Call for Papers invites doctoral students to present their ongoing research. The symposium will act as a nexus for connections with established scholars and fellow researchers. Interested students should submit their abstracts by September 7, 2019, on the symposium website.

The symposium will be structured around paper presentation sessions and discussions. These sessions are loosely based on the following research concentrations:

1.    Architectural History, Theory, and Society

2.    Architecture, Culture, and Behavior

3.    Design Methods, Computing, and Production

4.    Design Technologies, Data, and Performance

5.    Urban Studies, Systems, and Ecologies

We would kindly ask your help in sending the invitation to the Ph.D. fellows and researchers allied with AHRA. The invitation letter and the poster of the symposium are attached to this email. For further information on the Ph.D. Symposium, please feel free to reply to this email, or visit the symposium website.


Download the Poster as a PDF