Building Beauty. Ecologic Design and Construction Process

Naples, Italy

October 16 2017

The program is practice-based, offering an immersive experience of hands-on construction that links together self development, ecological thinking and building skills: students learn low-tech construction and decoration techniques over an intensive, fully human, feeling-based building process. Learning is organized in three axis: 1. Construction and Cultivation; 2. Seminars: leading international scholars from a wide range of scientific fields explore with students the potential of a truly interdisciplinary approach to design and construction where complexity and uncertainty are the positive condition of beauty generation; speakers tackle important challenges in the current international agenda of sustainable architecture and resilient communities. 3. Self, Community and Space: practical movement/art/dance/therapy workshops aimed at recognizing and trust our feelings in relation to space. Feelings are referred to space, the body-mind, and the way they interact in hands-on physical work of making.

The University sits in the heart of the city of Naples, homed in the extraordinary 17th century Benincasa monastery. The historical complex is located on the top of a hill behind the popular “Spanish Quarters” in the heart of the old city of Naples.

All students are offered accommodation in state-of the art University Residence, located only a few
minutes walk from the monastery. The residence is close to via Toledo and the vibrant historic heart of the city of Naples, and well connected to the main public transport hubs, including subway, Central Rail Station and International Airport.

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