Architecture of the Post-Anthropocene

(Lectures + Symposia + AHRA International conference 2022)

Pratt School of Architecture, NYC

November 17 2022 - November 19 2022

“Post Anthropocene” means we wrestle with our anthropocentric exploitation of the planet; that we examine and acknowledge the inextricable relationship between racism and environmental degradation; and that we look at the manner in which social inequity is inscribed in the built environment. Queer urbanism, blackspace, planners without manners, social work versus violence work: Our fields are constrained by a lack of representation, a lack of listening, and a lack of diversification that such terms may challenge. This conference decolonizes the spaces of thinking and action asking “where do we stand?” ; it evaluates food security in a precarious climate asking “How do we eat together?’; it brings non-humans into the humanities asking “whose voices are heard?” Inclusive in its global reach, ecological in its low carbon footprint, this conference models ideas of social and environmental justice required in the post-anthropocene period.


The Pratt will be hosting the AHRA International Conference in 2022, and will be organising a series of associated events, lectures and symposia in the meantime. Further details will follow.



  • Call for Papers: Nov. 2021
  • Conference Dates: Nov. 17, 18, 19, 2022