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14th Annual AHRA PhD Student Symposium: Research as Open Work

Call for papers and workshops

The University of Edinburgh: ESALA

April 06 2017 - April 07 2017

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The theme of the 14th Annual Research Student Symposium: Research as Open Work references Umberto Eco’s Opera Aperta. Eco argued that works of art - whether music, painting, or architectural compositions - should be understood as specific “closed” forms that simultaneously offer open and multiple interpretations and performances, constructed by the different perspectives of each listener, viewer, or inhabitant. While research is not synonymous with works of art, it is often constructed as a specifically ‘closed’ form yet is also open to readers, viewers and users. The Symposium theme therefore foregrounds and questions the ‘openness’ of research work and how research that is conceived as ‘open work’ might offer new understandings of conditions or ethics of openness, how contemporary humanities research acts as and contributes to public and responsive (responsible) scholarship.

Relatively recent qualifications of humanities research as architectural (driven by specificities of spatial, urban and design for occupation), digital (driven by open source web, democratization of knowledge), environmental (driven by global climate crises/ change), medical (driven by health), demonstrate the formations and reformations of fields of studies as specific interdisciplinary congruences. This asserts and opens onto a scope or -scape of particular production and practice such as: architecture, the digital domain, the environment, medicine. Do these qualifications limit, foreground, enhance or blur the productive limits and boundaries of knowledge, the degrees of open and closed relationships between institutions and society, or between disciplines and their research practice conventions?

Doctoral researchers at different stages of their careers are invited to respond to the theme and to meet and discuss the emergent approaches to their particular research praxis and current research topics in: architecture, cultural theory, landscape, urbanism and design. We are particularly interested in collaborative and multi-, inter-, trans-, and a-disciplinary practices that are refined through work which operates through conditioned humanities research, and/or crosses between scholarship and policy, academy and practice, and vice versa.


We are calling for paper proposals and workshop proposals across this two-day conference that engage with the theme ‘Research as Open Work’ - Please interpret this as you wish. [DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: 8th JANUARY 2017]

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Architecture, Festival and the City

14th AHRA International Conference

School of Architecture and Design, Birmingham City University, UK

November 16 2017 - November 18 2017

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What is ritual in today’s rationalistic, post-symbolic age?
What forms of collective participation can the civic realm sustain in the twenty-first century?
Can there be any meaningful form of collective representation in our predominantly individualistic and globalised society?
Are urban festivals, carnivals and rituals fundamentally inclusive or exclusive?

These questions, amongst others, will serve as points of reference for this conference which examines past and present urban festivals and their settings in relation to the idea of ‘the good city’.

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