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Re-City 2017: “(Im)Possible Cities”

2nd International City Regeneration Congress

Tampere, Finland

August 24 2017 - August 25 2017

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Tampere University of Technology and University of Tampere in Finland welcome you to Re-City 2017, the 2nd International City Regeneration Congress, under the theme "(Im)Possible Cities". The congress will be arranged in Tampere, Finland, on 24 – 25 August 2017. It provides an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, students and practitioners in the fields of urban planning, architecture, traffic planning and logistics, ecology, urban history, informatics, health sciences, economics and business, political sciences, social sciences and humanities.

The deadline for the call for abstracts is 15 April 2017. 

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RMIT Swanston Academic Building | Room 80.02.007, 445 Swanston St, Melbourne

August 26 2017 - August 26 2017

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This event will see current and former RMIT Architecture staff and students as well as our wider community of practice present a series of end-to-end 8 minute presentations that speak to the influence of Edmond & Corrigan + Professor Peter Corrigan through the discussion of a specific Edmond & Corrigan project. The event will also speculate on future trajectories for the ideas discussed.

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Interstices Journal of Architecture and Related Arts: Call for student research projects

Call for Postgraduate Creative Design Research Projects

New Zealand

September 04 2017

INTERSTICES: Journal of Architecture and Related Arts

Issues 18 & 19 - Call for Postgraduate Creative 

 Design Research Projects


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Post Doc: University of Reading, School of Arts and Communication Design Department

: Typography & Graphic Communication

University of Reading, UK

September 08 2017 - September 08 2017

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IDAPPS is an inter-disciplinary project bringing together academics and practitioners in graphic and information design, architecture, ergonomics and human factors, and pharmacy to consider how to support one of the strategic aims of the UK 5-Year Antimicrobial Resistance strategy 2013-18: how to ‘improve the knowledge and understanding of antimicrobial resistance’.

IDAPPS introduces ‘persuasive space’ in thinking about the presentation of information, its situation within an environment, and how users interact with it, in the context of a community pharmacy. Community pharmacies are socially inclusive and convenient, and today play a key role in delivering public health. They are places where people wait for prescriptions to be filled or to see a pharmacist, and offer a persuasive space to raise awareness of the dangers of Anti-Microbial Resistance.

The post is offered full-time for 13 months, and is based in the world-leading Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading. You will work with a team comprising academics in information and user-centred design, architecture and the built environment, and pharmacy; and non-academic partners, Design Science (a science communication agency) and Day Lewis (a chain of community pharmacies). IDAPPS is an exciting and innovative project which is funded as a pump-priming initiative, so there will be opportunity to contribute ideas to the development and planning of future work in this area. You will need to be flexible and adaptable and be able to work under your own initiative.

Contact: Prof. Sue Walker

.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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The Open Hand 2: Orientalism in the Pacific

Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

September 09 2017

During The Open Hand 2: Orientalism in the Pacific, we want to resume the civic debate started during the first Open Hand symposium in 2014, about collaborative action in architecture, space, art and society, this time specifically in connection with community, geography, identity, displacement, migration, and history in the Pacific. Central to the symposium are the following questions: What are the opportunities, boundaries, and tensions experienced in diasporas here in the Pacific? Do we still view these phenomena through the lenses of the ‘Other,' or as exotic spaces of in-betweenness, or are we engaging with them differently now?

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Building Beauty. Ecologic Design and Construction Process

Naples, Italy

October 16 2017

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The program is practice-based, offering an immersive experience of hands-on construction that links together self development, ecological thinking and building skills: students learn low-tech construction and decoration techniques over an intensive, fully human, feeling-based building process. Learning is organized in three axis: 1. Construction and Cultivation; 2. Seminars: leading international scholars from a wide range of scientific fields explore with students the potential of a truly interdisciplinary approach to design and construction where complexity and uncertainty are the positive condition of beauty generation; speakers tackle important challenges in the current international agenda of sustainable architecture and resilient communities. 3. Self, Community and Space: practical movement/art/dance/therapy workshops aimed at recognizing and trust our feelings in relation to space. Feelings are referred to space, the body-mind, and the way they interact in hands-on physical work of making.

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