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Parliament Buildings


The Bartlett School of Architecture

November 12 2020 - November 12 2020

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‘Parliament Buildings’ is a one-day conference and a book exploring the architecture of power, accountability and democracy in Europe. It will take place virtually on 12 November 2020. 

The conference is being led by Professor Sophia Psarra, The Bartlett School of Architecture, and Dr Claudia Sternberg, UCL European Institute. It is funded by UCL Grand Challenges of Cultural Understanding.

In the face of ongoing political change, confidence in democracy is waning – calling upon us to rethink our political institutions and the buildings in which they are accommodated.

– Professor Sophia Psarra, The Bartlett School of Architecture

Call for papers

The organisers invite contributions from architecture, political science and political theory, history, law, geography and associated disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. The conference seeks to engage parliament buildings in Europe, shifting attention from their monumental expression to the spatial construction of political practices and traditions. 

Issues to be discussed in the conference will include: how parliament buildings in Europe shape concepts of their political selves and of the body politic; how they relate to broader political culture and ideology; how they can shape collective identities, national narratives and the future of Europe; and how performance art could be used to re-imagine political debate in contemporary society. 

The organisers will publish an edited volume based on contributions to the conference. 

Deadline for abstracts: 15 June 2020. 
Send your proposal summary (500 min – 700 max words, including title and references) to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Housing and the City

17th Annual International AHRA Conference

VIRTUAL CONFERENCE, hosted by the University of Nottingham

November 19 2020 - November 21 2020

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Given the changes to our lives brought about by the current Covid19 pandemic, we are sending a short additional call for papers for this year’s AHRA International Conference, Housing and the City, as follows:

Housing and the City After the Pandemic

The primary question asked by the original AHRA 2020 conference call was this: what does it mean to be at home in the city in the twenty-first century? As the world continues to fight the rapid spread of Covid19, we might not yet be in a position to substantively rethink this question, let alone to predict a new urban reality of segregation and containment. However, we invite you to reflect and speculate on how the effects of the pandemic will shape our lives, how it challenges our conception of the home and the city, and how it affects the complex relationships between the individual and the collective, the public and the private. We ask how it might affect the dynamism of the urban.

We invite contributions in the form of individual papers or roundtable discussions, as well as submissions in a range of media, for example film, artwork or photography, that reflect and speculate on how the pandemic will shape our urban lives into the future. 

Expressions of interest should take the form of an abstract of 300 words, accompanied by an image if appropriate, to be submitted via the conference website, by 30 June 2020.


In the early twentieth century, a desire to master the workings of the city linked it explicitly to the provision of housing. The processes of ‘the urban’ became an ‘ism’, the multiplication of houses became housing. In the twenty-first century, we are, it seems, witnessing the rise of new modes of urban domesticity – of ‘co-living’ for young urban professionals, of ‘co-housing’ of various kinds, of ‘live-work’ units and of a kind of domesticated working. Sometimes, these trends are born of economic necessity; sometimes, they are driven by aspirations of inclusion, solidarity and sharing. In either case, they are promoted as desirable styles of life, experiments in housing and working that are linked to the promise of a new kind of collectivity, a new kind of city. Our concern is to investigate the link between housing and urbanism, if not to disentangle it, at least to interrogate it, in order to ask what these new forms of living and working might mean for the city and its future.

This conference aims to investigate the historical and theoretical genealogy of the following question: what does it mean to be at home in the city in the twenty-first century, in an age of evolving social and work patterns, increased geographical mobility and climate concern?

We invite contributions from a variety of disciplines such as architecture, urbanism, sociology, philosophy, geography, anthropology, as well as written and visual contributions from the arts, such as photography or film to explore this question.

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Call for Papers: The Companion to Architectural Research (CAP)

Why is research important in architecture?

December 01 2020 - December 01 2020

The publication will offer a platform to facilitate future lines of inquiry, while also providing an overview of established and emerging understandings of architectural research. Oftentimes, architectural research supports education both directly, through research training of future architects, and indirectly, by providing for the continual advancement of the discipline, but what is architectural research? This companion will debate this question and invites contributions that conceptualize the particular state of architectural research today, proposes methodologies to better understand architectural research, and/or discusses concrete case studies that highlight a historical dimension of architectural knowledge and the contemporary importance.

CAP accepts manuscripts written in English, 6,000 words maximum (including footnotes and bibliography).

Dec 2020 Deadline for paper submissions. Please email proposals and manuscripts to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Frascari Symposium V: Theaters of Architectural Imagination

Call for Abstracts

online/in-person event at the Centre de design, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM)

May 27 2021 - May 29 2021

Event web site

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We invite proposals for 20-minute paper presentations exploring one or more of the three themes (Memoery; World; Action) set out in the linked PDF.

Proposals should be historically and/or theoretically grounded; develop clear and compelling arguments around specific examples based in history, practice and/or pedagogy; and contribute to disciplinary and/or transdisciplinary knowledge. Collaborative proposals and/or submissions from authors in theatrical disciplines are welcome.

Abstract submissions must include the following in pdf format suitable for ‘blind’ peer-review:

  • title;

  • identification of theme (Memory, World, Action);

  • 300-word abstract

  • one image (optional)

    Additionally, include in the email (not the abstract): name, contact, affiliation, and 150-word bio.

  • Due: Friday, December 18, 2020

  • Submit to both co-chairs: Lisa Landrum .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and Sam Ridgway

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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