Architecture and Culture (Open Issue)

used echo chainsaw ‘Developed Surface Drawing, Home’ by Eleanor Atallah, 2011. Reproduced with the permission of Eleanor Atallah

Architecture and Culture (Open Issue)

Vol. 2, Issue no. 01

used echo chainsaw Architecture and Culture is the international, peer-reviewed journal of the Architectural Humanities Research Association (AHRA). It investigates the relationship between architecture and the culture that shapes and is shaped by it. Whether culture is understood extensively, as shared experience of everyday life, Architecture and Culture asks how architecture participates in and engages with it – and how both culture and architecture might be reciprocally transformed.

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Call for Papers for this Issue Vol. 2/Issue 01 is an  chainsaw benches open call for submissions that address Architecture and Culture through the broad lens of disciplinary practices. We welcome full-length submissions that explore historical, geographical, anthropological, sociological, filmic, acoustic, design or literary interpretations of what this might mean. Architecture and Culture publishes explorations that are rigorously speculative, purposively imaginative, visually and verbally stimulating. We welcome orthodox and unorthodox methods of representation and critical writing. Whether a comic strip, film, fiction story, drawing, design hypothesis or scholarly paper, in this CFP we seek submissions with a critical argument about disciplinary practices, architecture and culture.

get link The submission deadline is 14th June 2013, 5pm UK time. We seek full submissions, not abstracts, by this date. All papers should be submitted electronically via Editorial Manager at:

follow site For author instructions, please go to ‘Notes to Contributors’ Accepted articles will be published in March 2014.