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2nd Annual AHRA International Conference:
Models & Drawings: The Invisible Nature of Architecture

University of Nottingham
18-19th November 2005



For PDF abstracts of papers please click on the names below:

Keynote Lectures

Jane Rendell (The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL)
Deja Vu: Some things you see will remind you of others

Jonathan Hill (The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL)
Drawing Forth

Don Ihde (SUNY, Stonybrook)
From Da Vinci to CAD and Beyond

Judith Mottram (Nottingham Trent University)
Marks in Space: Thinking About Drawing

Marco Frascari (Carleton University, Ottawa)
Models and Drawings: The Invisible Nature of Architecture

Agostino de Rosa (IUAV, Venice) [not presented]
Out of this World: Sight, Time and Space in the Digital Representation of the Roden Crater Project

Alberto Perez-Gomez (McGill University, Montreal)
Poetic Origin


  • Giuseppe D'Acunto (IUAV, Venice) [not presented]
    Virtual Path in a Virtual Model of Angkor Wat Temple
  • Marcia F. Feuerstein (Virginia Tech)
    The Ronchamp Mary Wall "In the Sky with Diamonds": Scaffolding as Invention
  • Teresa Stoppani (University of Greenwich)
    Look Again. Look Now. The Project of Space in Piranesi's Etchings
  • Lorens Holm (University of Dundee)
    The Empty Image of Architecture: Lacan, Brunelleschi and the Gaze
  • Alan Lewis (University of Sheffield)
    Reading a Plan: The Effects on Design
  • Antony Moulis (University of Queensland)
    Le Corbusier's Spirals: Figures as Operations in Architectural Drawing
  • Christopher Platt (University of Strathclyde)
    Working Drawings: The Unsung Hero of the Design Process
  • Alberto Sdegno (IUAV, Venice)
    From Palladio's Drawings to Architectural Models: Geometric Analysis and Reconstruction of a Project for an Acropolic Temple
  • Qi Zhu (Virginia Tech)
    The Cultural Context of Design and Corporeal Dynamism of Drawing as the Foundation for the Imagination of Construction
  • Nader El-Bizri (Institute of Ismaili Studies)
    Imagination and Architectural Representations
  • Yan Zhu (University of Nottingham)
    Drawing in a New Way: From 2D to 3D
  • Federica Goffi (Rhode Island School of Design)
    Architecture's Twinned Body: Building and Drawing
  • Soumyen Bandyopadhyay & Nicholas Temple (University of Liverpool)
    Contemplating the Unfinished: Architectural Drawing, Fabricated Ruin and the Digital World
  • Tracey Eve Winton (University of Waterloo)
    The Invisible Nature of Architecture: Drawing and Pilgrimage, Circumlocutory and Picaresque

Panel 2

  • Jenny Lowe (University of Brighton)
    Drawing the Virtual of Space
  • Mathanraj Ratinam (RMIT/Parsons School of Design)
    From Effect to Affect: Contemporary Film Technologies and Architectural Representation
  • Renee Tobe (Sheffield Hallam University)
    The Constantly Evolving Mediated Surface
  • Marko Jobst (University of Greenwich)
    Architectural Plan on Film - Dogville and Dear Wendy
  • Alan Bridges (University of Strathclyde)
    Designing and Computing
  • Richard Difford (University of Westminster)
    Developed Space: The Chambre de Fleurs
  • Krystallia Kamvasinou (University of Westminster)
    Notation Timelines and the Aesthetics of Disappearance
  • David Gissen (UCL/Penn State University)
    Drawing Air: The Visual Culture of Bio-political Imaging

Panel 3

  • Malvina Borgherini (IUAV, Venice)
    On Exhibiting Architecture
  • Paul Emmons (Virginia Tech)
    Size Matters: Virtual Scale and Bodily Imagination in Architectural Drawing
  • Donald Kunze (Penn State University)
    Concealment, Delay, and Topology, in the Creation of Wondrous Drawing
  • Thomas Mical (Carleton University)
    Blurring, Diagrammatology, Exteriority
  • Christina Malathouni (The Bartlett, UCL)
    'Higher' Being and 'Higher' Drawing: Claude Bragdon's 'Fourth Dimension' and the Development of CAD
  • Emanuele Garbin (IUAV, Venice)
    The Digital Model of La Fenice Theatre
  • Gordon Mair, Kevin Miller, Wolfgang Sonne (University of Strathclyde)
    The Evocation of the Unseen in Architecture Through Multimodal Imaging
  • Richard Coyne (University of Edinburgh)
    Forms in the Dark: The Uncanny Aspects of Spatial Representation

Panel 4

  • Katja Grillner (KTH, Stockholm)
    In the Corner of Perception - Spatial Experience in Distraction
  • Betty Nigianni (University of East London)
    Architecture as 'Image-Space-Text'
  • Gerard Mermoz (Dun Laoghaire Institute)
    Reading the City: Architecture in Performance
  • Stephen Walker (University of Sheffield)
    Gordon Matta-Clark: Drawing on Architecture
  • C. A. Debelius (University of Tennessee)
    Seen and Unseen: The Jellyfish Drawings of Daniel Castor
  • Gerald Adler (University of Kent)
    Dots and Dashes: Heinrich Tessenow's 'Binary Code'
  • Kester Rattenbury (University of Westminster)
    Architecture and Mass Media
  • Peg Rawes (The Bartlett, UCL)
    Drawing Out the Critical Imagination
  • Sam Ridgeway (University of Adelaide)
    The Imagination of Construction
  • Bradley Starkey (University of Nottingham)
    Post Secular Architecture: A Spiritual Model
  • Benjamin Olschner & Andrew Balster (University of Edinburgh) [not presented]
    Composing-Building-Weaving: Architecture of the Score
  • Catherine Hamel (University of Calgary)
    Drawing: Lines of Confrontation
  • Tim Anstey (KTH, Stockholm) [not presented]
    (Do not) Scale from this Drawing
  • Katie Lloyd Thomas (University of East London)
    Reflectings and Silverings: Specifying Material in Langauge
  • Raymond Quek (University of Nottingham)
    Drawing Adam's Navel: The Problem of Disegno


Conference Committee:
Prof Marco Frascari (Carleton University, Canada) Leverhulme Visiting Professor, University of Nottingham.
Jonathan Hale and Bradley Starkey, School of the Built Environment, University of Nottingham.
Arthur Piper, Department of Critical Theory, University of Nottingham.
Dr Jane Rendell (UCL) and Dr Adam Sharr (Cardiff), for AHRA.